Look & Feel

What will Awaken Church look & feel like?

Dress Code

Our dress code is, “Please put clothes on.” We emphasize modesty and wearing clothing that honors God. Pastor Zach will wear a variety of attire depending on the event. A Sunday morning celebration, Zach will most likely be wearing jeans and a polo or button-up shirt. Depending on how he feels, he might be in his cowboy boots or tennis shoes. If you feel more comfortable in a dress, wear a dress, if you feel more comfortable in shorts, wear shorts.


There are some churches that are super traditional in worship. There are some that are super contemporary in worship. Awaken Church will lean more towards the contemporary side of worship. We will sing songs that are God-honoring and biblically sound. We like a darker atmosphere but not all fond of the flashing lights and smoke.

Preaching & Teaching

Zach will preach relevant messages that we all face on a daily basis. We are all about reaching families. With that being said, something that Awaken Church does differently than most churches is that what is being preached in the big church, the children are learning the same thing in children’s church. The reasoning is that we want families to continue the conversation throughout the day and the rest of the week.


We want people to be free from distractions as much as possible during worship. If you are worried about your kids being safe or that you are safe, then you are being distracted. We want to eliminate that dis- traction by being prepared for any circumstance that would hinder your safety.


We love to have fun at Awaken Church. We believe that God enjoys the laughter of his children. We want you to feel like you are with your best friends or your family when you are attending an event at Awaken Church. Feel free to laugh and have fun!


How will Awaken Church be Started?


“People don’t care about what you know until they know that you care.” This statement couldn’t be truer today in our society. We want to let people in our community know that we care through different outreach events. Some of these events include but not limited to: carnival in the park, a movie in the park, community meals, family swim nights, feeding teachers and staff, give shoes to kids who need them, and much more.

Sunday Morning Celebrations

We will have Sunday morning worship services called celebrations. We use the word celebration because when we are reminded what Jesus Christ did for us, we should celebrate the opportunity to worship him. This will be an opportunity to invite friends and family to hear the gospel. This will be an evangelistic focused event.

Missional Groups

Missional groups are our version of small groups or life groups. We use the word missional because we want you to live a life on mission for Christ. To go, make and send disciples. These groups will be different for each group but mostly consists of meeting at a chosen location; houses, coffee shops, et cetera to study the Bible and have fellowship.

Follow Up

Successfully having a person come into being part of the church requires preparation and opportunity. We can only do so much with the opportunity part. We can invite and encourage people to come, but it is still up to them to come. What we can do is be 100% ready for them. We have a process in place that we try and do our best to follow up when we meet someone new. Something that makes Awaken Church stand out is that we don’t believe the pastor and staff should be the only ones following up. We want to equip you to follow up with your friends and family. The way we do this is by giving gift cards from coffee shops and other places so that you can take them out and have a conversation with them.


How is Awaken Church set up?

Mission Church

Our church is part of an organization called, “North American Ministries.” What this means is we are a ministry of this organization. This provides us with financial, spiritual, and legal security. The goal is to take this ministry and turn it into a self-supporting church. What does a self-supporting church look like? The church needs to be self-governing, self-propagating, and self-supporting financially.


The Bible calls the church to establish elders. Elders are spiritual leaders for the church. The elderboard will consist of men who have a deep calling from God to help lead the church spiritually, financially, and missionally.


The Bible calls the church to establish deacons. Deacons are translated in the bible as servants. These men and women have a calling to serve the church in different ministries. The people will help lead missional groups, teach children’s church, lead outreach events, et cetera.

Congregation Approved

What this means is that the elders make the major decisions for the church regarding spiritual issues, finances, and missions, but the congregation gives approval of those decisions. For example, the elders decide that we need to start another church by doing a live video to another location. They determine the place and find out the budget of what this will take. The congregation will then approve by a vote of this. The elder board will have authority by the congregation to make decisions of that mission.


We cannot do what God has called us to do without volunteers. Volunteers are people who take part of different ministries in the church. You may teach children’s church or check-in kids. You may greet people at the door or help people to their seats. Whatever the job, there is a spot for you!


What do we do with the money received?

What is the point of receiving if you never give? If we are honest there isn’t. At Awaken Church, we need people to give on a weekly or monthly basis to help us do what God has called us to do; to make all aware of Jesus.

Before you consider giving to Awaken Church, let’s take a moment and look at how we will use that money:

– Some of the money received will go towards hosting Sunday morning celebrations. This involves renting a building. In the future, we will get a permanent building and that will incur certain costs.

– Another way the money will be spent is towards salary of staff. We are not looking to be the highest paid pastors in the world. Salary is based off different factors but the biggest factor is the average salary of pastors across the region.

Pillars of Giving

My favorite part about where the money is going is our pillars of giving. These pillars are essential areas ofgiving that is non-negotiable areas where we give. The first 10% of money received will go towards these pillars. We have established the areas of giving based off of Acts 1:8. We have not decided on the specific organiza– tions but here are the areas:

– McPherson: there will be an organization we will partner with to help people in the community.
Kansas: we will partner with an organization in kansas to help people.
United States: we will partner with another organization or church in the united states to help people. – Outermost parts of the world: we will partner with an organization outside of the united states to help people.

Another aspect we want to share is our “Shop For Shoes.” If you shop Amazon or Dillons grocery store, we would love for you to set up your accounts to give back to Awaken Church. All proceeds will go to help buy shoes for kids who need them.

https://smile.amazon.com/ch/83-3481428 https://www.dillons.com/account/enrollCommunityRewardsNow/

Get Involved

How can you get involved with Awaken Church?

The big question is, “How can I get involved with Awaken Church?” There are different ways in which you can be part of Awaken Church:

Be part of different aspects of our church:

  • children’s ministry
  • media team
  • music team
  • outreach team
  • security team
  • hospitality team

*You are more than welcome to serve on multiple teams. We want you to be in the area where God has given you the gifts to do.*

Core Group

A core group is a group of people who take responsibility for seeing the church thrive. You join the team with using your gifts that God has given you. You stay with the church through its launch phase and help the church grow.

Launch Team

You may already have a church home or you may not necessarily align with our beliefs, but you still want to help the church get started. You join one of the teams above and help us get launched and stay with us until we are able to find a replacement.